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spectrum of services according to HOAI (German Fee Scales for Architects and Engineers)


 spectrum of services




Our spectrum of services according to HOAI extends to following category groups: 


  1. Basic evaluation
    • Clarification of technical and economical quenstions of principle
    • System analysis
  2.  Preplanning
    • Work out functional layout
    • Prenegotiation about viability with authorities and other technical involved parties.
    • Cost-estimate according to DIN 276
  3. Design planning
    • Working through planning concept until completed design
    • Calculation and desing as well as graphic presentation and plant description
    • Trade-off with planning of supporting framework
    • Prenegotiation about viability with authorities and other technical involved parties.
    • Cost calculation according to DIN 276
  4. Approval planning
    • Development of presentation for authorities
  5. Execution planning
    • Working through results of work phase 3 and 4 until feasible solution
    • Graphic presentation of facilities with dimensions
    • Preparing of channel- and break-through drawings 
  6. Preparation for awarding contracts
    • Calculation of quantities as a base for preparation of contract specifications
    • Work out contract specifications
  7. Participation in awarding of contracts
    • Check and evaluate quotations
    • Work out a price comparison list
  8. Site supervision
    • Supervise execution of the site
    • Participation in preparation and supervision of a timetable
    • Execution of demand- and function measurements
    • Participate executing companies with measurements
    • Technical acceptance of all performances, as well as detection of possible defects
    • Invoice verification
    • Preparation and handover of accounting documents
    • Supervision of remediation of defects detected during acceptance 
  9. Site supervision and documentation
    • Inspection of building for defects before the end of the period of limitation of warranty against executing company 
    • Development of maintenance planning and -organisation
    • monitoring of the remediation of defects which occur within the periods of limitation for claims arising from defects